Can I Have An Extreme Garage Too?
April 25th, 2015 by rnn.yqe.

A personal space can be a hard thing to establish in this ever-changing, constantly dynamic universe; especially one where you feel at home and in charge; for most guys, this concept is called a “Man-Cave”. Filled with gadgets and gizmos that any guy should be envious of when he comes for a visit, a Man-Cave often houses your most prized possessions as well as accomplishments. For many men this naturally translates to the garage. It makes sense therefore that when trying to establish the Man-Cave as their own personal space of capability, men will often go above and beyond with their improvements. This is where Extreme Garages are born.

What Makes A Garage Extreme?

While “extreme” usually conjures up images of the most outlandish and unconventional renovations, the opposite is usually true. While your standard garage generally comes equipped with a door opener, automatic lights, and any varying amounts of clutter, what can be considered an extreme garage is a little less definitive. Aspects can include: spinning floor pieces and/or glass walls or doors; intense lighting upgrades; built-in jacks for lifting and storing; fully installed and equipped air and fluid hoses; and some folk even install bars or theatres, complete with all the necessary amenities to cut loose after a hard day. For a great example of some ideas for luxurious carport interiors, check out these garages.

Let’s Get Extreme!

The idea of extreme when it comes to garage renovations generally applies only to the idea that the additions will be time-consuming, possibly gaudy and, most abhorred of all, excessively costly. This is not always the case, especially when you work within your own needs or interests. Most people don’t need an extra lift to store their cars atop one another, however my guess is that if you do have enough cars and garage space that you want to stack them, then you may have the funds necessary to install said machinery.

That being said, there are many avenues which are available to the common tellurian to help them in the most prevalent issues with garage renovation, namely, a) moving their vehicles to b) redecorate.

Extreme… Decorating?

Customarily the superficial upgrades of appearance are easily overcome by some paint and minor touch-ups to the existing furniture or fixtures. The Family Handyman has tips for creating a few space-saving ideas and more. According to this site all you need to do is dedicate a few hours or a day or your time to each project, and you will be this much closer to your voluptuous dream Garage-Man-Cave!

Extreme Relocation

Not surprisingly, many difficulties arise when trying to stock said garages with their anticipated vehicles. Removing and replacing the vehicles can often be a time-consuming and irksome process, especially when re-locating out of country. That is why services such as Stringo exist; they are the world’s leading producer of vehicle movers, and they specialize in getting your sweet deuce coupe home safe and sound!

There are plenty more services, sites, pre-made plans, and workshops out there to help you with creating your own Extreme Garage interior.

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