Choosing the right entrance for your garage
April 13th, 2015 by rnn.yqe.


Shopping for a garage door can be a strenuous task if you aren’t familiar with what to look for. The process can be simple as long as you take some important factors into account. Here are some tips on choosing the right door for your garage.


When you take today’s high energy costs, it makes sense to consider choosing garage door insulation. Most insulated doors contain polystyrene which is thicker than the average R-Value so when you are buying a garage door, look for thermal efficiency. The polystyrene material expands during production in order to fill the cavity space tightly before the two steel panels are fitted to the door.

Window design

You may be wondering why you need to think about the windows in your garage door. Many homeowners underestimate the value of windows. A garage door is not complete until it has stunning windows to turn an ordinary looking door into an aesthetically pleasing one. Aside from the look of the door, windows allow natural light into the garage. To be able to look out the door, make sure you place the windows in the third section from the bottom of the door. On the other hand, if you don’t wish to look out the window and just want natural light, have the windows placed in the top section of the door.


Cost is an important factor in most home improvement projects. Many homeowners are taken aback by how affordable garage doors can be. Generally, rustic wooden doors are more expensive than fiberglass, steel, or aluminium doors. When you add insulation, expect to pay a little more. Some people prefer to opt for single sheet doors or lower grade wooden designs that cost less, but no matter how much you are considering to spend, the door you choose is not likely to require replacement for many years so it is worth the investment you make. How much you spend on your garage now will make a big difference on the value of your home so paying out a little more now could give you a lifetime benefit and increase your property’s value.

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